Jordan Allison

Sales Representative



Whether you are a first time home buyer or a more experienced individual to Toronto’s Real Estate Market, Jordan Allison’s extensive knowledge in Real Estate has helped homeowners succeed in buying and selling Real Estate in the Greater Toronto Area.

Jordan graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a masters degree from the School of Architectural and Planning. During his residency, he worked on both local and international real estate development projects. Jordan’s experience with numerous projects of varying natures affords him the opportunity to help clients make the right choices when buying or selling a home. In recent years, the City of Toronto has been going through unprecedented change. It is important to have a representative that not only recognizes the past and current status of individual neighbourhoods, but one that is aware of what is to come in future years. Jordan has worked on numerous schematic development projects with large developers in the GTA. His background in architecture and planning makes him aware of potential growth patterns that could arise in and around specific locations, helping clients make safer decisions when it comes to the long term effects of buying or selling their home.

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